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This site is part of Jesus Work’s websites with major keys for our extraordinary times. Keys on prayer & fasting, spiritual warfare, deliverance, prophecy, etc. Please see the lower part of this page for links to these major principles.




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1. Christian Basics
2. General Principles
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4.a) Spiritual Warfare
4.b) Deliverance Ministry
5. Evangelism & Service
6. Discipleship Ministry
7. Singleness, Marriage, etc
8. Christian Financial Keys
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Jesus Work’s Major Websites

Jesus Work Ministry
At Main website. Current website. It’s the main (parent) website of the entire ministry. Old sites include,, and

All Fasting Principles
All Fasting Principles at Christian prayer and fasting resource website & online community. It has resources on Christian disciplines that constitute our most important weapons of warfare: prayer and fasting. A Jesus Work Ministry site.

Deliverance Ministry and Deliverance Books
At A website with major resources on Christian deliverance, deliverance ministry, and healing principles. Free books online on deliverance and breakthrough principles. A Jesus Work Ministry site.

Christian Warfare (Spiritual Warfare)
At A website with major resources on Christian spiritual warfare, with indepth biblical content on the dos and don'ts on spiritual warfare.

All Warfare Spiritual Warfare Website
At A website with major resources on Christian spiritual warfare, with indepth biblical content on the dos and don'ts on spiritual warfare. It’s a new additional website acquired due its short name that’s easy to remember:

Spiritual Warfare
At An old website website on Christian spiritual warfare, deliverance ministry, general deliverance and healing principles. A Jesus Work Ministry site.

Christian Audio Sermons and All Audio Sermons
At and Free audio sermons. Christian MP3 sermons online for free download, for spiritual growth, non-commercial and for evangelism use. Jesus Work Ministry websites.

Biblical Sabbath Day with its Biblical Calendar (it’s not Saturday or Sunday)
At The Sabbath day is important for us to observe in its rightful context. It has benefits not worth missing, particularly in these times we're living in.

The Biblical Sabbath day, God’s seventh day, has it's own calendar. It was established to work on the calendar God made for it, not on man-made calendars. It’s a lunar calendar, based on phases of the moon in each month. Throughout the bible we see no change to this calendar. The dates and moon alignments are all matching whenever its timing is covered. It’s a holy calendar who’s value is primarily connected to observing the Sabbath.

The calendar we now use, almost worldwide, is a man-made calendar. It is a solar calendar, based on the sun. The months are arbitrary, with no regard to moon phases. The Sabbath day cannot work on this calendar because its months do not match with moon phases that the biblical calendar provides. Find out more at this website dedicated to covering on the biblical Sabbath day: at

Breaking Curses
At Website with major content and resources on breaking all kinds of curses. Breaking family curses, breaking curses from God, breaking curses from people, breaking curses from self-infliction, breaking generational curses, breaking territorial curses. A Jesus Work Ministry site.

Breaking Generational Curses
At Website with major content and resources on breaking generational curses. A Jesus Work Ministry site.

Christian Equality
At A website on Christian Equality from a biblical perspective. Not to be confused with the New Age Movement with its antiChrist agenda that is aimed at breaking biblical values and principles in society. The website’s current focus is on women’s development, empowering women and men with core biblical values that equip us to walk as equals in the body of Christ, and to overcome misinterpreted biblical teachings that have limited and hindered the utmost level of contribution women could make in the body of Christ. A ministry website for both Christian women and men.

All Pentecostal
At Website focusing on Jesus Work Ministry’s main denomination of affiliation: Pentecostal denomination. Largely dealing with correcting some major doctrinal teachings our denomination misinterprets from the bible. The teachings on spiritual warfare and on deliverance.

Pentecostal, just like ALL other denominations and non-denominations, has its well grounded areas and also it’s biblically flawed areas. Some flaws are minor while others have harmful consequences. For example, in our Pentecostal denomination it’s the spiritual warfare doctrine that’s likely the most harmful. Please visit for indepth info. Jesus Work labors to correct these known major doctrinal flaws to protect or save fellow believers from consequences of applying harmful teachings. is dedicated to this work.

Jezebel Spirit (Revelation and overcoming the end-time Jezebel Spirit)
Website dedicated to exposing and overcoming the end-time Jezebel Spirit. Deliberately chose the web name (and fortunate to have found the web address not taken in November 2005). The site content integrating a few worthy secular principles to the topic (e.g. on some studies on Personality Disorders (PDs)).


Jesus Work’s other Christian websites

Has a few links to Christian resources, including to Jesus Work Ministry’s at It was the first “website” by Jesus Work’s founder, Eric Gondwe. Online since 1999 when he was in Nairobi, Kenya, pursuing an MBA program. The first “website” was dedicated to spreading the gospel. Only God knew that five years later (2004) Jesus Work Ministry would be born on U.S. soil.



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